Monday, March 15, 2010

Facebook Connect Cookies problem

I've been using Elliot Haughin's Facebook Connect Library for Codeigniter and I have an annoying has-to-be-fixed-asap issue going on with it. Whenever I'm away from the site and facebook for a long time, it behaves oddly with its own facebook cookies with the name beggining with the session hash. If I delete any one of those cookies, functionality is restored and my site loads again.

These are the troublemakers:

It's not related to my own session cookie since it can be set to timeout in 5 minutes, and even be removed and it'd all be working fine.

I tried contacting Elliot, but got no response at all. Still investigating...

Update (march 16th): I got no access to facebook today, I killed all their cookies and got my access back.

Update (march 31st): Fixed with the help of the codeigniter community.