Monday, March 30, 2009

Reading Mobipocket books on Kindle or Stanza for the iPhone

  1. Download Kindle for the iPhone, you'll need a US account.
  2. Buy your Mobipocket book.
  3. Download and install Mobipocket Reader.
  4. Download your Mobipocket book through Mobipocket Reader.
  5. Download and install Python.
  6. Download Dark Reverser's script to remove the DRM.
  7. Copy the book ".prc" file and the latest script to the same folder python is installed.
  8. Find your PID on Mobipocket Reader's about page and strip the DRM using the script: python yourmobipocketprotectedbook.prc* drmfreebook.prc* Your_PID*
  9. SSH the DRM-free prc file to your iPhone's folder for Kindle eBooks or add it to your Stanza library.
  10. Read your book wherever you are.
*Replace these with your own info.