Tuesday, December 15, 2009

maps dilema

Google maps works, but when you're out of town or in another country its still impossible to rely on it given data prices when roaming internationally. There are applications for the iPhone out there, but paying $80 for every small European country is as crazy as paying those roaming data charges. Garmin sells their continent wide map pack for $150, that's acceptable but a little disturbing since the GPS unit itself cost $200. Getting their map source software installed might be a pain, so here is a little tip.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Layar x Google Mapplets + Enkin

A long time ago I read about www.enkin.net and their Augmented Reality App that never came to life, after that those germans released their last blog post saying they were contacted directly by Google and that was it. Then came Layar and released their AR browser and opened it up so that people could create their own layers of info to be shared with everyone else.

I was expecting Google to hire those guys from enkin and add the AR functionality directly into Google Maps, that would enable people to bring up all the mapplets already available or even google directory listings.

Don't get me wrong, I loved what Layar did, but I can't believe google just ignored enkin like that, I'm expectign a surprise anytime soon involving enkin and putting some pressure on the fine folks at Layar.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

iPhone's GPS went berserk

Last month my iPhone's GPS stopped locking on to satellites completely, it would only triangulate positions through my carrier's towers and stop looking. I tried boots, soft resets, restoring to factory defaults and nothing worked.

This morning I finally found the receipt to claim the one year warranty. I was going to show it to my friend, comparing his iphone to mine side by side, when suddenly both iphones got a gps lock.


I was sure it was broken, I tried every solution people gave me online and none of them worked. After that I tried to launch an app and it crashed, another and crash... every app was crashing on launch. Boots and soft resets weren't helping, after a sync to itunes the launch crashes stopped. Now to my surprise the gps isn't working again. Does my gps only work when the memory is low? What gives?

Update (june 24th): I'm not alone.

Update (june 25th): I contacted a few licensed repair centers and they said they're not authorized to give tech support or repair iPhones. I called Apple in Brazil and a voice message told me each carrier is responsible for their own sold iPhones' warranties. I'm not in the mood to call my carrier today, most employees don't have a clue what they're doing there.

Update (july 2nd): I walked into my carrier's store (Claro) and they didn't have any 8gb iphones in stock. I found a huge thread about the issue on Apple's own forums. It's only getting bigger and Apple hasn't publicly admitted the problem.

Update (july 16th): Back to Claro's store. They had the 8gb model in stock and replaced my old one which also had a cracked screen on the bottom. I upgraded it to 3.0 and the gps is working fine now. I'm surprised they replaced my faulty iphone so easily, I liked that.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Reading Mobipocket books on Kindle or Stanza for the iPhone

  1. Download Kindle for the iPhone, you'll need a US account.
  2. Buy your Mobipocket book.
  3. Download and install Mobipocket Reader.
  4. Download your Mobipocket book through Mobipocket Reader.
  5. Download and install Python.
  6. Download Dark Reverser's script to remove the DRM.
  7. Copy the book ".prc" file and the latest script to the same folder python is installed.
  8. Find your PID on Mobipocket Reader's about page and strip the DRM using the script: python DeDRM.py yourmobipocketprotectedbook.prc* drmfreebook.prc* Your_PID*
  9. SSH the DRM-free prc file to your iPhone's folder for Kindle eBooks or add it to your Stanza library.
  10. Read your book wherever you are.
*Replace these with your own info.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

integration mess!

all right... i had twitter updating facebook status, but i like how brightkite pinpoints me on a map so now i have brightkite updating twitter and facebook. people comment my posts on twitter, facebook and brightkite. friendfeed catches all action on all of this and people comment there too. wtf? unified online identity and commentosphere unification anyone?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Mapas da Garmin para o Brasil

Comprei um nuvi, mas veio sem mapas brasileiros.

  • preço do SD direto com a Garmin: US$99
  • preço do SD com o representante da Garmin no Brasil: R$395

Não fosse esse preço descarado no Brasil eu até compraria aqui, mas eu quero agora e quem perde é a garmin... não vou pagar $99 pra esperar vir pelo correio...

Digital delivery... conhece garmin? Pois bem, o pirata já é assim.