Thursday, November 20, 2008

Using Google Contacts, Mail and Calendar on the iPhone

Android can work perfectly with all these Google Services out of the box, but the iPhone... you've gotta work around Apple's barriers.

For the contacts and calendar you have to use Nuevasync. They simulate an exchange server that will keep your contacts and calendar synched in real time.

I don't know why, but Gmail won't push emails to the iPhone, but Yahoo will. Create a yahoo account and then set up gmail to forward all emails to that account.

That's the only way I found to make Google work the way it should with the iphone.

Update: The downside in this all is that people will eventually see replies coming from this new yahoo mail address, which isn't something I really wanted and Yahoo won't let you change it.

Update: This tip is useless since Google has Exchange Server fully operational now for contacts, mail and calendar.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Local iPhone App Store

eBay,, yelp, loopt... they won't show up on my iTunes since I'm registered with a brazilian account. I'm still deciding on wheter I'll create a fake american iTunes account or jailbreak my iPhone to download these FREE apps.

I bought this iPhone legally through an official authorized local carrier! It's not because of some sort of ban, it's just how it is!

I'm still obligated to download free music from soulseek and tv shows / movies through bittorrent. Can't reach those too with a brazilian iTunes account. Good, saving money! Thanks Stevie ;)

Update 1: This fixed everything! Now I'm happy!

Update 2: Apple has shut down the hole allowing payment method to be set as 'none'.

Update 3: There is still a breach!

eBay can't read emails!

Yesterday I wanted to know why ebay wouldn't let their iphone app be downloaded in the brazilian iphone app store, so I sent them the following message:

I buy a lot on eBay and I own an iPhone. It says the ebay app isn't available at the brazilian app store. Aham... why?

After sending it, a survey popped up. I answered it saying mostly that I felt they'd never read my email. I was expecting some kind of answer saying they were sorry and they couldn't do anything about it, but check out what I found in my inbox the next morning:

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the iPhone you bought on eBay.

I am sorry for any additional delay in getting this resolved for you,
but before we can diagnose this problem, I need the item number. I
appreciate your patience in sending the number to us. The more
information I can get from you, the easier it will be to solve this
issue to your satisfaction.
I hope they won't read the survey results with the same special attention my email got.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ditching Plaxo and keep syncing

Since Plaxo decided they wanted to be just another social network and leave contact management behind I decided to look for something else.

First you will have to sync up your contacts with Google Contacts. They launched their API in April and all Plaxo came up with was a one-way sync, pff... I was syncing Plaxo to Thunderbird, so I got this add-on called Zindus which did a nice job syncing some contacts that were already on Google Contacts. You'll end up with a ton of work to do. My 500 contacts became 800, but they were not mostly duplicates. Most of them were people I had on orkut so Google added them automatically to Contacts.

I'm planning on getting an Android based phone so this would end here, BUT since I don't own one yet here is how you'll sync: Soocial. Soocial can sync your Google Contacts with a bunch of phones and Mac. Enjoy!