Sunday, September 28, 2008

TVersity + PS3: amazing!

I really liked the fact that ps3 could see my computer's media through the network without going through any settings at all, it was just there. The problem was playing the files it could see. It couldn't keep streaming without crashing or showing some weird errors on top of the TV screen. I gave TVersity a try and gave up because it looked confusing at first. I tried Nero and it sucked as much as windows media player's server. I went back to TVersity, played with the settings, added my stuff to the library and it blew me away. It works beautifully.

Motostorm Update

I was already getting used to the fact that I would never play motorstorm online. The update would always freeze the console when it was almost done. I read some posts about it online and there were some advices to format the HD and try again. I really wasn't in the mood go through all this trouble, so I tried to update it one more time and... it worked! Go figure... 4th time is the charm!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PS3 and WMP11 media sharing

"windows media player network sharing" crashed every single time I tried accessing folders containing divx or xvid movies on my computers. Removing all codecs and installing Vista Codec Package got it working properly. I had k-lite mega codec pack before that.

WRT54GS x WRT54GL: both running tomato

Well, a friend of mine got amazing results on his GL linksys router after installing tomato and boosting the wireless signal. I got excited and did the same on my GS. I tried installing it twice but it said it failed on both attempts. Weirdly it stopped displaying linksys' router page and started showing tomato's. I reinstalled tomato under tomato's firmware just to be sure. I boosted my wi-fi signal and... nothing. I got no improvement at all on signal quality :(