Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sharing links turns out to be better afterall

Until now I've been sharing interesting articles using google reader's "share" feature. "Share" creates a feed of interesting articles that people that subscribe to my feeds and feed aggregators like friendfeed can fetch. Most of the articles in feeds require readers to go to the source to read the entire post, see attached videos and so on so you'll end up clicking on the ones you like anyway.

This week I got an invite to mento, which is all about sharing links. At first I thought it was just another delicious, but it's different, it will make you feel like delicious is a static website. Mento is a feature rich system for sharing links, but you'd have to use it yourself to see what I mean. It made me write this article, it made me rethink my habits and it makes sense. Now I'm just sharing the links and have abandoned google reader's share.

There has been a lot of noise about other people's contents being used to generate traffic on services like shyftr. This could all change if everyone could turn their heads to plain old link sharing on steroids that mento can offer. Traffic would still go to the source and people would still see your favorite articles on friendfeed, facebook and delicious too. Hell yeah, mento can do that!

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