Thursday, April 17, 2008

HTML links don't open in default web browser on Windows Vista (Adobe AIR)

I tried this thing @ the knowledge base, but it doesn't seem to work. All the changes I make are reverted back to "defaults" the next time I open "Set Program Access And Computer Defaults", and Internet Explorer keeps poping up when I click on links from Twhirl (I want Firefox to do that).

UPDATE: Got it!
Start + R
and deleted:
- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.lnk (read update 2)
After restart they were recreated properly and calling for firefox.

I found a tip for this @ google desktops' google group.

Thanks for the support Rick!

UPDATE 2: Ooops! Far too many registry deletions, I got my Vista shortcuts to malfunction, "running" lnkfix_vista.reg fixed it. DON'T delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.lnk", but if you already did, just do as I said ;).

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Anonymous said...

I tried this and followed every direction but now when I try to open a link nothing happens, no IE and no firefox or Flock. Glad I made a backup before I did this.