Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have you or someone you know had quality problems with fuel bought from local gas stations?

This is worth polling! I always wanted to know that so here it is.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Neutralidade das Redes no Brasil

O pessoal da Vuze-Azureus lançou aquele plugin pra monitorar a quantidade de resets nos pacotes de todo mundo que usa o client de bittorrent deles pra ver qual provedor sacaneia mais os consumidores. Eu separei aqui nessa planilha todos os provedores brasileiros que figuraram no primeiro relatório:

Resultado: Speedy além de ser a operadora com as velocidades mais baixas, é a que mais pratica traffic shaping! Certa vez participei de uma reunião com o CEO da NET, e ele disse que a empresa tem capacidade pra chegar aos 30mbps com a estrutura atual, só não fazem isso pq o maior competidor deles não consegue entregar o que promete. Ficamos assim, nivelados por baixo. Não que eu esteja ignorando o fato da NET estar logo ali nos resultados, mas pessoalmente eu tenho velocidades absurdamente mais altas na NET do que jamais tive no Speedy.

Obs: Users é a quantidade de usuários únicos que participaram do teste, e horas é o tempo somado em que tais usuários ficaram usando o client online.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Facebook chat is cranking in!

Yeah, after reading the news it finally showed up on my account! The bad thing is that sometimes it popped up for a few moments and then lost connection as pictured. I tried it on internet explorer and it showed up completely different in it, not like firefox's bottom bar, but as a tab, so I quickly closed it in rejection (I hate Internet Explorer with all my guts). I logged out of it on Firefox, logged back in and it worked again. The "Could not connect to Facebook Chat at this time" was related to my account only because my friend next to me was using it without any hiccups. I just hope they enable jabber support on it to help prevent IM chaos.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheap servers to power web apps: Amazon Web Services and Google Engine!

I'm I'm coming up with a cool app/social network and will have to go for a server to manage the loadexpecting. Google came up with this free limited service, but there's no way I'm rewriting mycode in Python. I read an article today on cloud computing and how amazon is selling this through Amazon's Web Services (AWS). They sell cheap online storage and processing units. Just what we need! I will give it a shot for sure!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"people you may know": GONE!

Someone at Facebook is flipping switches like Stifler at Jim's wedding. I don't see the "people you may know" feature at the home page or at the "find friends" page. I liked peeking at that thing from time to time. 95% of the time it was wrong, but those 5% were priceless. Some suggestion included people that had only one common friend, and that's why I guess they're making powerpoint presentations, meetings and memorandums to decide the sensitivity of that. Yeah, that's what the new COO is there for! Whip'em!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

HTML links don't open in default web browser on Windows Vista (Adobe AIR)

I tried this thing @ the knowledge base, but it doesn't seem to work. All the changes I make are reverted back to "defaults" the next time I open "Set Program Access And Computer Defaults", and Internet Explorer keeps poping up when I click on links from Twhirl (I want Firefox to do that).

UPDATE: Got it!
Start + R
and deleted:
- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.lnk (read update 2)
After restart they were recreated properly and calling for firefox.

I found a tip for this @ google desktops' google group.

Thanks for the support Rick!

UPDATE 2: Ooops! Far too many registry deletions, I got my Vista shortcuts to malfunction, "running" lnkfix_vista.reg fixed it. DON'T delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.lnk", but if you already did, just do as I said ;).