Monday, March 03, 2008

Ubuntu 7.10 on HP DV6770se: traggic

I decided to try ubuntu on my laptop, but the damn thing just won't start my wireless card and nvidia won't support their gpu on it. back to vista... oh wait, i need a recovery disc.. error (20). nice. just wasted 3 dvds and nothing. i'll try later on safe-mode.


Anonymous said...

any luck ? im stuked on the same page here.. installed ubuntu... hasta la Vista..

and now i cant make a restore :S

let me know if u can solve it..


vxll5043 said...

you gotta start windows in safe-mode (F8 before it loads).
you'll get to burn the recovery discs right this way.
when almost formatting the hard drive accidentally it fixed my master boot record, which is the only thing you really gotta do to get your system back to vista only.
i don't know for sure how it did that, but I just noticed it was fixed because it was bypassing ubuntu and going straight to vista on restart.
then on vista you'll have to delete the ubuntu partitions and extend your vista partition, after that you're back to normal.

vxll5043 said...

I forgot to mention that I fixed my mbr when I almost accidentally formatted my hd using the recovery disc I burned. It asked if I wanted to backup all my data, I clicked NO just to seee if another screen would come up with more options but NO, it just went straigh to PREPARING TO FORMAT. AHHH!! POWER IT DOWN, POWER IT DOWN!!!

not sure at all if this has anything to do with my fixed mbr, but I tried all the options and couldn't find anything that fitted me.

vxll5043 said...

and this is how you delete the ubuntu partitions and resize your vista one.