Friday, January 18, 2008

jumpcut just won't cut it

I was hoping to try this POS online editor, but it fails to link my yahoo account to a new jumpcut account. See where the red guns are pointing? That info should be coming from yahoo, but it's not. Tech support was magnificent: "The most likely cause is a bug involving special characters in your Yahoo! Profile. You may want to try reentering your Y! Profile using only characters found on a standard US QWERTY keyboard.". The only thing is that there are none. Back to kaltura.

I'd also like to thank fotoflexer for not having arrows, which made me point stuff with guns. Very safe!!!

UPDATE: I finally got it to work, but before that I created 4 jumpcut accounts that got no connection at all to my yahoo account, and became inaccessible forever. Lucky me to have spare forwarding email addresses because the system wouldn't let me use the previously registered ones to create more and more jumpcut accounts. I created a new yahoo profile, left most of the fields blank and set it to default, then it worked. I take back the previously stated "POS", jumpcut looks pretty neat.

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