Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Samsung blackjack finally upgraded!

Samsung finally released a whole system update for the Blackjack. The major flaw this update targets is the limited roaming capability of the device on countries with a mixed up (not messed up) GSM network like Brazil. Since I already made it work using workarounds this is just something Samsung HAD to do to avoid lawsuits from some people who just can't take devices not working out of the box. Even if after taking it out of the box they come all the way to Brazil or Australia to use some international roaming.

You'll get it to roam like it should without workarounds, and you'll get all the Cingular logos replaced with AT&Ts logos. That's it. I couldn't find anything else working better than it was before.

There was an issue going on before the upgrade and it persisted. After having the phone on for some hours, it eventually jams itself without looking like a dead device that needs a reset. You only realize it's jammed when you try to call someone, it says it's dialing, it stays like that for some time, and after you hit cancel it just ignores your existence. Calls won't come through when it silently jams itself like that too. I actually remember having this problem on a QTEK I had once. I can only come to one conclusion: that's just what microsoft could come up to bring to your pocket: crashes. After powering the phone down and back on it resumes normal operations.

I´d also like to add that after the upgrade I couldn´t change my voicemail number anymore. I have to dial *100 manually. I can´t access the menus where it used to let me change that number, now it just says "The settings could not be opened".

I'm looking forward to the windows mobile 6 basic upgrade from Samsung ;)! I know they'll have some nice noticeable improvements, but I'm really counting on the silent jam glitch gone.
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