Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What not to buy: WGR614 (v4)

I was the lucky guy to get the 4th generation of the WGR614v4 wireless router from Netgear (3 more versions were launched). It used to work fine with 2 computers wired to it untill one pleasant day when it chose to generate mayhem upon the living beings living peacefully in this house. A call to my cable modem company helped me conclude that my cable modem was fine as a direct connection from the cable modem to one of the PCs granted me internet access. Netgear support and firmware upgrades proved theirselves useless.

I bought a Linksys wireless G router, replaced the netgear choking one and to my surprise it worked like a charm. Eventually I plug back the netgear router to act as an access point/hub at one end of my home network, it works fine for 2-3 days and then it jams itself again somehow. Another intriguing feature that this device has to offer is the slowdown on wired PCs connected to it whenever a wireless connection is made.
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