Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Logitech Desktop MX5000: bluetooth?

I don´t know why they brag their desktop combo uses bluetooth technology if it refuses to work. Ok, it worked for a few weeks and then my computer stopped recognizing the usb piece as a bluetooth device. All I get is "bluetooth device not found". The keyboard and the mouse are still able to comunicate and work flawlessly, but it won´t let you use the bluetooth interface to connect to your cellphone or anything else, I even removed widcomm software. The usb piece acts just as a wireless transceiver and that´s it. No bluetooth for you stupid customer!

FIXED: After searching the logitech support forum inside and out I found out how to make it work again. Just unplug your BT USB hub, wait for the "disconnected USB device sound", push the connect button on the BT HUB and while pressing it plug it back in. It will "force" your computer to see it again. I would also like to thank Logitech support for being so helpless!

NEW PROBLEM: Setpoint software is HELL! It's the software that translates all the cool buttons on the mouse and on the keyboard into actions in the operational system. I tried EVERYTHING, but this doesn't work. Don't bother looking for a logitech bluetooth desktop combo. It sucks. You won't be able to use the features that come written on the box, so go for a microsoft bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo and you might be happier!!! Don't get me wrong, you will be able to use the MX5000 mouse/keyboard combo, but just as generic mouse and keyboard, no super cool buttons that make your life easier. Thumbs down for logitech...

UPDATE: I haven't given up, I just can't find time or patience to figure out what seems to be a driver problem. To be more specific I think it's some sort of conflict between the combo's driver and a gamepad from genius. When starting windows Setpoints only locks up when I enable the USB stack (using msconfig). I have to go deeper on this.

THE HAPPY ENDING: The bad guy was found and its name is "MaxFire G-12U Vibration" from Genius. I have lots of reasons to hate genius, two of the only purchases I made from this brand gave me nothing but trouble! And here I was blaming logitech... The only way to remove the genius driver was running its installation CD which shows the option to repair or remove. After removing the troublemaker Setpoint came back to life! Genius is gone and Logitech is here to stay. Sit Logitech, sit. Good boy!

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