Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From Windows Mobile back to Palm OS

I decided to start using QTEK A9100 (HTC 8125) since it had wi-fi and should sync nicely to Outlook. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! This smartphone is too damn slow (200mhz) to support the unstability of windows mobile. Day to day use was just sluggish and irritating.

The big headache was that this phone kept losing the ability to make or receive calls during the day even when it had signal (95% of the day). After calling tech support they told me to select my network manually instead of automatic network search. The problem looked fixed but I could just not trust that device. By the way my local carrier is Claro (from Brazil)

I sold it and bought a spanking new Treo 680. THAT'S A SMARTPHONE. I had a Treo 650 prior to that terrible qtek (htc) and it fitted me, but I just wanted new adventures and learned that windows mobile is just not for me!

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